General Atomics Aeronautical - LAC-12 Pod


Multi-Mission Payload Integration

GA-ASI continually develops mission and capability expansion through rapid and cost-effective payload integration. We actively integrate U.S. and international systems with focused expertise in payload development. The Standard Payload Interface Design and Integration (SPIDI) Pod and Sener Aeroespacial-manufactured NATO Pod are common enclosures that enable payload and sensor integration across GA-ASI aircraft and select manned platforms. These pods provide scalable and modular integration solutions for a wide range of technologies, including communications, signals intelligence, electronic warfare, aircraft survivability equipment, and anti-submarine warfare. SPIDI and NATO Pods are constructed from radio frequency transparent fiberglass or carbon composite materials. These pods are also capable of internal and external antenna installations and accept standard aircraft interfaces for data, navigation, and power.

Key Benefits

  • Scalable payload integration solutions
  • Highly customizable for specific mission/payload requirements and performance
  • Multi-platform/multi-pylon compatible
  • Radio frequency transparent fiberglass or carbon composite construction
  • Internal and external antenna installation options
  • Accepts standard aircraft interfaces, including Ethernet, RS-422, RF, NAV, 28V DC, and 115V AC power
  • MIL-STD-8591 compliant
  • NATO Pod developed to applicable MQ-9B STANAG 4671 and Def Stan 00-970 certification standards

Mission Sets

  • Muti-mission capability and integration



SPIDI: 102.5” x 18.8” x 21.8”  |  260.4 cm x 47.8 cm x 55.4 cm
Super SPIDI: 125” x 29.5” x 25.8”  |  317.5 cm x 74.9 cm x 65.5 cm
NATO Pod: 115” x 24” x 23”  |  292.1 cm x 61 cm x 58.4 cm


SPIDI: 70 lb  |  31.8 kg
Super SPIDI: 107 lb  |  48.5 kg
NATO Pod: 92 lb  |  41.7 kg