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    US Embassy in India Visits Indian Navy Station Operating Leased MQ-9

    The Indian Navy has been operating General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) manufactured MQ-9 Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) under lease for over two years.

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    GA-ASI Flight Tests LEO SATCOM on MQ-9A

    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) and the Air National Guard (ANG), with joint support from the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) and U.S. Air Force (USAF), flight tested an MQ-9A remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) equipped with a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications (SATCOM) Command and Control system

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    GA-ASI Selected to Build OBSS for AFRL

    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) will manufacture and perform demonstration flights of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) unmanned Off-Board Sensing Station (OBSS) aircraft. Following a 12-month base period that culminated in a critical design review (CDR), AFRL exercised a build and flight test option.

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    GA-ASI Selected by DARPA to Support Liberty Lifter Program

    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) was awarded a contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the development of an aircraft capable of sustained seaborne strategic and tactical lift.

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    Statement from GA-ASI CEO Linden Blue on Ukraine conflict

    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems is dedicated to providing information dominance to its partners. From the outset of the Russian invasion, we began looking for options to respond to the requests of Ukrainian forces with our products, including the MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-1C Gray Eagle.

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    GA-ASI's Eaglet Takes Its First Flight

    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) flew a new survivable Air-Launched Effect (ALE) for the first time as part of a flight demonstration based out of the Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah, on Dec. 8, 2022.

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    GA-ASI Flies Multiple Missions Using Artificially Intelligent Pilots

    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) further advanced its Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) ecosystem by flying three unique missions with artificially intelligent (AI) pilots on an operationally relevant Open Mission System (OMS) software stack.

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    GA-ASI Flies First M2DO MQ-9A Aircraft

    On Nov. 10, 2022, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) flew the first production MQ-9A Multi-Domain Operations (M2DO)-ready variant of the U.S. Air Force MQ-9A Reaper.

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    GA-ASI Announces Strategic Partnership with Bharat Forge to Manufacture Aerostructures

    In a major move to boost manufacturing in India, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) and Bharat Forge Limited, India have announced a partnership to manufacture main landing gear components, subassemblies, and assemblies of remotely piloted aircraft.