General Atomics Aeronautical - Soar Pod


Dominate The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Advanced signals intelligence is crucial for maintaining information dominance across all domains of operation—today and tomorrow. The Scalable Open Architecture Reconnaissance (SOAR) pod provides long-range detection, identification, and location of radar and communication signals of interest. SOAR enables MQ-9 or other aircraft operators to provide standoff surveillance—seeing threats before threats can see the aircraft—and communicate actionable intelligence. The system leverages significant U.S. government technology investments in strategic intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems to provide a low-cost, widely deployable capability for a variety of National Security Council and Combatant Command signals intelligence collection objectives.

Key Benefits

  • Enables long-range persistent surveillance of enemy communications and radar emitters
  • Enables cooperative collection and target exploitation capabilities
  • Features real time collection and onboard storage for post-mission analysis
  • Allows for true multi-intelligence target identification and tracking in real time

Mission Sets

  • Tactical enemy order of battle updates
  • Strategic long-range electronic reconnaissance


Dimensions: 125" x 29" x 25" |  317.5 cm x 73.7 cm x 63.5 cm
Weight: 634 lb  |  287.6 kg
Power: 28 VDC, 2.3 kW