General Atomics Aeronautical - Sledgehammer Pod

Sledgehammer Pod

Crush Enemy Communications

Sledgehammer is a high-powered electronic attack pod that enables communications denial and information operations. From the wing of an unmanned or manned aircraft, Sledgehammer is designed to simultaneously deny enemy communication networks, disrupt command and control, and deliver information operation messaging. This one-of-a-kind pod augments low-density, high-demand electronic attack assets and supports both legacy and modern communication bands, strengthening persistent information dominance and spectrum warfare on the battlefield.

Key Benefits

  • Augments low-density, high-demand electronic attack assets with a persistent presence
  • Supports legacy and modern communication bands
  • Provides a variety of attack techniques and vectors to ensure successful denial, degradation, and delivery of information operations messaging

Mission Sets

  • Electronic Warfare
  • Information Operations


Dimensions: 125” x 29” x 25”  |  317.5 cm x 73.7 cm x 63.5 cm
Weight: 600 lb  |  272.2 kg
Power: 115 VAC, 11.5 vA