General Atomics Aeronautical - LAC-12 Pod

LAC-12 Terminal

All-Domain Laser Communications

The Laser Airborne Communication Terminal is the latest high-performance, open-architecture sensor that equips the warfighter with game-changing low probability of intercept and detection laser communications. LAC-12 includes an anti-jamming communications system with 300 times the data carrying capacity of conventional radio frequency satellite communications systems and provides air-to-space, air, ground, and maritime relay connectivity, serving as a gateway to the Joint Aerial Network for forward deployed forces. The open-architecture nature of LAC-12 also reduces cost and complexity for future upgrades of both the laser and modem subsystems and can be directly integrated onto MQ-1 and MQ-9 unmanned aircraft systems, enabling real-time and secure communications for the warfighter of today and tomorrow.

Key Benefits

  • Open-architecture Laser Airborne Communication terminal that can operate with multiple lasers and modems
  • Anti-jam technology that enables low probability of detection and interception
  • Game-changing user data rates greater than 1 Gbps
  • Tested in airborne, ship-based, and land-based scenarios
  • Podded variant currently in development – flight testing Q3 2023

Mission Sets

  • Secure and rapid communications
  • Communications relay and gateway


Dimensions: 12”  |  30.5 cm Gimbal;  15”  |  38.1 cm height
Weight: 43 lb  |  19.5 kg
Power: 28 VDC, 200W max