General Atomics Aeronautical - MQ-9B SkyGuardian


Multi-Mission Recoverable Small UAS

From the wing of an unmanned aircraft hangs the GA-ASI-designed and - manufactured Sparrowhawk – a small unmanned aircraft system (SUAS) that delivers a multi-mission capability – ISR, SIGINT / ELINT, and jamming – inside a nimble and speedy airframe. Sparrowhawk's size makes it difficult for an adversary to spot, making it ideal for contested environments. An aircraft like the MQ-9 can carry Sparrowhawk under its wing in the same manner as a traditional payload, such as a sensor pod or a fuel tank. In an operational environment, when the MQ-9 reaches an area of interest on a mission, it can do something few remotely operated aircraft have ever done – launch the smaller UAS and then recover it in mid-flight.
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When launched from an MQ-9 or similar platform, Sparrowhawk provides:

  • Expanded mission capability
  • Collaborative autonomy
  • Distributed and disaggregated sensors across the battlespace
  • Below the weather sensor coverage
  • Attritable sensor capability in highly contested environments