General Atomics Aeronautical - Gray Eagle Extended Range

Gray Eagle Extended Range (GE-ER)

Reach, Persistence, Lethality


Gray Eagle Extended Range (GE-ER) is a next-generation advanced derivative of the battle-proven Gray Eagle Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). GE-ER delivers long-endurance UAS surveillance, communications relay, and weapons delivery missions in support of the warfighter. The aircraft delivers an advanced UAS capability for the Army, adding significantly increased endurance, considerably improved reliability/maintainability, and much greater payload and weapons capacity. First flown in July 2013, GE-ER builds upon the successes of its Gray Eagle predecessor, delivering upgraded, game-changing capabilities for saving the lives of Army soldiers abroad by providing extended surveillance coverage, along with the ability to self-transit to distant locations.

GE-ER is engineered with a Max Gross Takeoff Weight (MGTOW) of 4,200 pounds, utilizing a high-performance 180HP diesel engine compared with the Gray Eagle's GTOW of 3,600 pounds with a 160HP diesel engine. The incorporation of GE-ER's deep belly design and 500-pound centerline hard point allows for 900 pounds of internal fuel load, with the capability of an external fuel pod that can accommodate an additional 450 pounds (Gray Eagle's fuel load is 600 pounds). Use of this extra fuel supports persistent Army Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition (RSTA) missions. GE-ER endurance has been demonstrated in all Army operational configurations and flew nearly two days straight during testing at GA-ASI's Flight Operations Facility in El Mirage, California.

GE-ER's internal payload capacity, combined with its increased engine horsepower, provides growth capability for an improved airworthiness design, with the potential of incorporating lightning protection, damage tolerance, and Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) features.

GE-ER features an automatic takeoff and landing system (ATLS) that allows the aircraft to be launched and recovered without any operator interaction. Its ATLS is based upon GA-ASI's Gray Eagle ATLS which has successfully conducted tens of thousands of takeoffs and landings.

Provide a long-endurance, aerial Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Target Acquisition (RSTA) capability for combat aviation brigades at division level and aerial exploitation battalions for echelons above division.
Wing Span: 58 ft (17m)
Length: 28 ft (9m)
Powerplant: HFE-180HP heavy-fuel engine
Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 4,200 lb (1905 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 900 lb (408 kg)
Payload Capacity: 400 lb internal (181 kg)
500 lb centerline (227 kg)
Weapons: 4 Hellfire missiles
Payloads: EO/IR
Communications relay
Power: 28 Vdc/9 kW
(redundant 4.5 kW alternators)
Max Altitude: 29,000 ft (8839.2m)
Max Endurance: 42 hr
Max Air Speed: 167 KTAS
  • Technologically advanced derivative of the combat-proven Gray Eagle UAS
  • Increased endurance
  • Dedicated to direct operational control by U.S. Army field commanders
  • Unprecedented reliability
  • Triple-redundant avionics and flight controls
  • Redundant flight control surfaces
  • Common Data Link (CDL) line-of-sight communications/air data relay communications
  • Satellite communications
  • Open, modular architecture supports integration of three payloads simultaneously, with capacity for growth
  • Automatic takeoff and landing reduces pilot workload

Gray Eagle Extended Range (Multi-Domain Operation) - GE-ER (MDO)

The next evolution in UAS capability is currently in development through the modernization of the Gray Eagle Extended Range. The GE-ER (MDO) leverages the open architecture and available SWAP of the GE-ER to meet the U.S. Army's operating concept of Multi-Domain Operations. Modernization efforts focus on increased capability and survivability in a large scale combat operations environment. The modernization efforts will ensure that the GE-ER (MDO) can operate and thrive in a degraded navigation environment and provide high fidelity situational awareness through a suite of long range sensors. The GE-ER (MDO) is also capable of launching Air Launched Effects (ALE). It will serve as the "ALE Mothership" and enable joint forces to maintain situational awareness deep into the battlefield. The GE-ER (MDO) utilizes the open architecture design to operate through a scalable command and control (SC2) interface. The SC2 system enables Soldiers to operate the GE-ER (MDO) through a laptop or handheld device. The advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning are also streamlining the operation of the system. The GE-ER (MDO) leverages advancements in technology to reduce operator workload and increase overall effectiveness on the battlefield. GA-ASI remains committed to developing solutions for the Army through a robust, internally-funded research and development program. GA-ASI is bringing the needs of tomorrow into the hands of the Soldier today.