eXpeditionary Command & Control (XC2)

Portable Software for Global RPA Launch and Recovery


GA-ASI's eXpeditionary Command & Control (XC2)

GA-ASI's eXpeditionary Command & Control (XC2), leverages GA-ASI's Certifiable Ground Control Station (CGCS) by taking the same software and porting it to a ruggedized laptop. XC2 enables a forward-deployed maintainer to conduct the entire pre-flight and conduct it rapidly by employing XC2's automated pre-flight checklists. XC2 eliminates the need for forward deployed Ground Control Stations (GCS), crews and pilots to launch and recover Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

In May 2018, GA-ASI successfully demonstrated pre-flight, taxi, take-off, and landing of a MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS using XC2. XC2 enables Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) around the world by increasing the portability of software enabling a hand-off to Universal GCSs.

XC2 software delivers scalable UAS C4ISR solutions anywhere. Expeditionary UAS capabilities expand basing options and response times. Expeditionary Command and Control can be more cost effective than traditional UAS Launch and Recovery Element (LRE) solutions. Enabling the UAS to go anywhere and control anything. It's rapidly deployable with reduced footprint, and reduced manpower.

Automated Checklist provides digital checklist interface to reduce operator input error and procedure time to automatically send specified operator commands and prompt operator required inputs, with advisories (cautions and warnings), radio checks, payload video, taxi control, and payload control.

GA-ASI's new XC2 Command and Control System is designed to minimize the footprint for UAS launch and recovery, while simultaneously increasing manpower efficiency and deployment agility. Built for X-86 hardware, the modular design supports automated aircraft control including pre- and post-flight checklists.