Field Operations Support

Since 1994, when the first Predator® Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) system was deployed to a combat theater, GA-ASI has provided organizational and depot level maintenance to the U.S. Air Force and other customers. Being staffed primarily with recent Air Force and other service veterans, the familiarity with military aircraft maintenance is inborn.

GA-ASI excels at recruiting highly qualified candidates, training personnel at Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training facilities in long-established training syllabi, and completing comprehensive on-the-job training to ensure “out of the blocks” capability.

Concentrated training includes not only Predator/Gray Eagle-series ground and airborne systems, but also flight line procedures, safety, standardization, Technical Orders (TO) utilization, and ancillary items such as first aid and CPR. This training ensures that company and subcontract personnel are thoroughly prepared to provide quality system maintenance in any setting, from peacetime training to OCONUS warfighter support.

GA-ASI’s overseas operations are highly successful, operating with high efficiency. Staff support numbers are less than half that of a similar military organization and produces results that typically reflect statistics higher than all others in terms of mission availability.

Predator/Gray Eagle-series aircraft maintenance is a core competency for the company, providing cradle to grave quality, the highest possible mission capability, and excellent relations with customer representatives.

Core Competencies:

  • Provide mission capability to company product users
  • Conduct launch and recovery of aircraft
  • Perform pre-, thru-, and post-flight servicing and inspections
  • Complete flight line repair of aircraft, Ground Control Stations (GCS), and support equipment
  • Execute scheduled and unscheduled inspections, organizational and depot level modifications, and special actions
  • Manage flight line supply, tool room, quality assurance, and documentation functions
  • Munitions loading
  • Maintenance training