GA-ASI Virtual Card Payment Program Initiative


To increase efficiencies and payment timeliness, General Atomics, ASI has recently introduced a payment option that uses VISA® credit card accounts (“Card Program”) and operates through the VISA® payment network.


New ActivePay Process Overview Diagram

New ActivePay® Process Overview


Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Improves cash flow and accelerates payment;
  • Reduces paperwork and streamlines the accounts receivable process;
  • Reduces payment delays;
  • Reduces your cost of handling paper checks; and
  • Places payments directly into your merchant account.

As a key supplier to GA-ASI, there are two versions of the new payment option, and you can choose the one that best meets your needs.


Payment Options:

Option 1: Single-use Cards (Preferred)

Payment is initiated by your Accounts Receivable Department. Your designated point-of-contact will receive an email remittance authorizing you to process the full payment in the same manner you currently process credit card transactions. The email will contain an attachment; once you open the attachment and view applicable invoices being paid, click on the secure link, enter your dedicated 4-12 pin number and you’ll retrieve the single-use credit card account number, card security code and expiration date.

Option 2: Dedicated Card

Payment is initiated by your Accounts Receivable Department, and you select a point of contact in your organization to keep our card account number on file. You’ll receive an email remittance indicating all invoices represented that authorizes you to process full payment in the same manner you currently process credit card transactions.

We are committed to improving our payment processes, and your participation in our Card Program will provide mutual benefits to both of our organizations. Our representative can review these options with you to help determine the best setup for your organization. Once enrolled, all future payments will be accompanied by an automated remittance notification that will include pertinent information on the transaction.


Click here to enroll in the GA-ASI ActivePay® program