General Atomics Aeronautical - 2021 European Maritime Demos

MQ-9B SeaGuardian®

Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)


MQ-9B SeaGuardian is designed and built from the ground up to meet NATO standards (STANAG-4671), and in cooperation with global authorities, will subsequently meet airworthiness certification standards around the world. The aircraft is provisioned for our state-of-the art Detect and Avoid System (DAAS), which is a key technology for RPAS to fly safely in civil airspace alongside manned aircraft, and the RPAS is controlled by our Certifiable Ground Control Station (CGCS).

Hardware and software upgrades were made to improve structural fatigue and damage tolerance, along with more robust flight control software and enhancements that allow operations in adverse weather, including icing conditions. Additionally, the aircraft is designed to survive bird and lightning strikes.

MQ-9B SeaGuardian is highly modular and is easily configured with a variety of payloads to meet mission requirements from full-spectrum maritime operations to Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) mission payloads, such as Electronic Support Measure (ESM) and Radar Warning Receiver (RWR).

SeaGuardian Technical Specifications

Perform over-the-horizon long-endurance, medium-altitude Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions.
  • Raytheon MTS-B EO/IR
  • GA-ASI Lynx Multi-mode Radar and/or 360° maritime surveillance radar
  • Precision-Guided Munitions
  • VHF/UHF certified radios
  • DO-178 and DO-254 design assurance for software and avionics
  • De-ice/Anti-ice system
  • Sense and Avoid
    (TCAS/ADS-B/IFF – with provisions for Due Regard Radar)
  • STANAG 4671 compliant type certifiable design
  • 40,000 hour design service life
  • All weather capable
  • Damage tolerant airframe
  • Lightning protection
  • Automatic takeoff and land
  • Fire protected engine bay
  • Other customer specific payloads
MQ-9B SeaGuardian Mission Kit: (Optional)
  • Multimode Maritime Surface Search Radar
  • Automatic Identification System
  • ASW – Sonobuoy Dispensing, Processing and Monitoring
  • Precision-Guided Munitions
Wing Span: 79 ft (24m)
Length: 38 ft (11.7m)
Powerplant: Honeywell TPE331-10 Turboprop
Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 12,500 lb (5670 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 6,000 lb (2721 kg)
Payload Capacity: 4,800 lb (2177 kg) across
9 hardpoints (8 wing, 1 centerline)
800 lb internal (363 kg)
4,000 lb external (1814 kg)
Power: 45 kVA
Backup Power: 2.2 kW
Max Altitude: >40,000 ft MSL
Max Endurance: 30+ hrs
Max Air Speed: 210 KTAS
Control/Data Links
Line-of-Sight: C-Band
Over-the-Horizon: X-, Ku-, or Ka-Band BLOS
Backup BLOS capable
GA-ASI Block 50 GCS
Integrated Mission and Civil Certified Avionics