Foliage Penetration/3D Mapping (Developmental)

Foliage Penetration/3D Mapping
Top Row: Ground pictures of a target hidden beneath double layer of camouflage netting. Bottom Row: Still pictures of standard electro-optic image (bottom left) and sequence of LIDAR images (green) through the camouflage netting at operational altitudes and ranges.

GA-ASI has demonstrated an innovative real-time laser imaging system that can provide Full-motion Video (FMV) through foliage, camouflage, battlefield obscurants, and moderate weather (clouds, fog).  The same system also can provide high resolution 3D images (mapping) for reconnaissance, target identification, and precision target geo-location.

The Foliage Penetration and 3D Mapping sensor is an innovative design using an electro-optic detector in conjuction with a laser designator. The system creates high-resolution 3D representations of targets from operational standoff ranges and at video frame rates. Additionally, the system has been miniaturized for integration into standard Government-off-the-Shelf (GOTS) multi-spectral sensor systems. This system was flown and demonstrated under a SOCOM Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) on an AFSOC C-130 in June 2014.