Supplier Barcode Packaging Specification

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning Q3’2016, suppliers with approved barcoded labels will begin receiving purchase orders with a new quality clause Q-8 or barcode specification language which will require barcoding on all incoming hardware shipments to GA-ASI.

GA-ASI will continue to work with their suppliers to submit barcoded templates and waiver requests. As a reminder, if you have not responded and provided adequate rationale for noncompliance of this new requirement, your opportunity for future business with GA-ASI may be impacted.

In addition, GA-EMS (Electromagnetic System) is also implementing a similar requirement for barcoding, which is planned for implementation in 2017. Please ensure you respond to the proper requesting organization.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) published a manual defining specific packaging standards to be utilized for goods shipped to a GA-ASI receiving location. Barcoding of labels and associated documentation of material packaged and shipped from suppliers is necessary to achieve requisite levels of speed, accuracy, and quality in GA-ASI receiving transactions. Please review the FAQs document as many of your questions may already be answered. Contact us if you have any questions.


NOTE: All hardware and software identified and available herein are suggestions only, not requirements. It is the supplier’s responsibility to select the appropriate hardware and software that will generate the GA-ASI’s barcode specifications. GA-ASI accepts no responsibility for any financial or other consequences arising from the use of the hardware and software selected by the supplier.