GA-ASI's Safety Tactical Operational Reliability Maintenance (STORM) Ground Control Station (GCS) significantly improves the Human-machine Interface (HMI), ergonomics, and mission capability for GCS operators.

STORM consists of a GA-ASI legacy Pilot/Payload Operator (PPO) GCS workstation equipped with a Linux PC hardware upgrade. This provides increased processing performance, improved reliability, ease of software coding, and a High-definition (HD) video software architecture backbone.

HMI improvements include HD-integrated touch screen displays, as well as a video switching capability that allows aircrew to move any video source to any screen. A 24-inch display between the pilot and payload operator provides screen space for shared pilot/payload data such as weather, airspace, or any information of interest to both aircrew. Other ergonomic layout improvements include adjustable heated aircrew seats and adjustable rudder pedals.


  • PPO workstation equipped with 11 HD displays supports improved data dissemination
  • "Pop out" monitors improve viewing angle for operators
  • Intercom upgraded
  • Upgradeable Hands On Throttle-And-Stick (HOTAS) featuring F-35/F-16 fighter controls
  • Fielded GCS may be retrofitted quickly with STORM
  • STORM cockpit hardware supports Advanced Cockpit GCS software (with open architecture)

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Storm GCS

Storm GCS