Predator Mission Aircrew Training System

The Predator® Mission Aircrew Training System (PMATS) is a highly sophisticated flight simulator that accurately reproduces MQ-1 Predator and Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper® pilot and sensor operator aircrew stations, allowing students to master the art of flying and operating a GA-ASI Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) using actual flight hardware. With PMATS, the level of realism between simulated exercises and real-world operations is virtually transparent. The system is currently in operation with the U.S. Air Force.

PMATS consists of a form, fit, and function user interface for the pilot and sensor operator stations and utilizes GA-ASI's Ground Control Station (GCS) hardware. This hardware is integrated with the L-3 training system hardware and software to produce a high-fidelity training solution that models GA-ASI RPA systems, sensors, and weapons.

Robust environmental simulations support both initial qualification and mission training, including emergency and abnormal procedures training. PMATS is integrated with instructional systems, including an Instructor Operator Station (IOS) that supports numerous instructional requirements such as crew training, monitoring, and evaluation. The system provides training in stand-alone mode (featuring one player) and Local Area Network (LAN) mode (connecting various players within the same building or vicinity). PMATS also has been designed to participate in a distributed environment via the U.S. Air Force's Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) portal, enabling Predator/Reaper air crews to conduct collaborative mission-level training with other DMO-compliant platforms.

PMATS is available in a standalone configuration, which provides a dedicated training system, a PMATS Appended system that utilizes an operational GCS for both training and mission operations, and a PMATS Lite System that provides a lower-cost, high-fidelity, dedicated training solution. All three systems utilize actual Predator/Reaper hardware and software and L-3's Blue Box High-definition (HD) training environment.


  • Delivers high-fidelity simulation to Predator/Reaper aircrews
  • High-fidelity user interface hardware provides training exercises with a realistic look and feel
  • High-fidelity simulation of Predator/Reaper sensors and weapons
  • Simulates real-world environmental flight conditions: wind shear, slope winds, low visibility, icing, thermal variations, challenging runway conditions
  • Simulates key mission support functions: mission planning, mission monitoring, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) control and display, data exploitation, and more
  • Realistic data link simulates communications between aircraft and GCS operators
  • Supports initial qualification training, mission qualification training, continuous training, and operational mission rehearsal
  • Instructor Operator Station (IOS) equipped with brief/debrief capabilities
  • Simulation-based distributed training helps warfighters prepare better for future coordinated actions

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