Legacy GCS

The Legacy Ground Control Station (GCS) is Remotely a Piloted Aircraft (RPA) control center, housed in a customer-furnished building, used to control one GA-ASI aircraft. The GCS racks are installed on wheeled bases so that the system can be installed and secured within a building. The GCS is designed primarily for remote operations via a Satellite Communications (SATCOM) data link.

Legacy Ground Control Station (GCS)
Legacy Ground Control Station (GCS)


  • Ideal for applications where transportability is not an operational requirement
  • Includes SATCOM and three Multi-function Workstations (MFW)
  • Digital intercom system
  • Integrated UPS battery backup/power distribution system
  • Casters provide for movement within facility with minimal equipment
  • Ideally suited for raised flooring environments (cooling, cable, and power distribution)